We are always on the lookout for speakers at our weekly lunch meetings. The topic doesn’t matter – the more diverse the better. We’ve had business people, nonprofit leaders, farmers, students, island volunteers, even a hypnotist. We are a great audience – always supportive so it’s a great opportunity for beginner speakers, too.

Lenny Rapozo Speaking

Our meetings are every Friday from noon to 1:00 pm in Lihue. We’ll buy your lunch. We start with announcements and club business for about 15-20 minutes, have some fellowship, then at 12:30 you are introduced, and you have 20 to 25 minutes to do your presentation and to have questions & answers. Our meetings end at 1:00 PM sharp. If you need a computer projector or other aids, we can provide it. Any material that you would like to hand out is also welcome.

Our Rotary Club members are from a broad scope of vocations including business, finance, Realtors, health care, attorneys, engineers, retirees, farmer, etc. Each one has his or her own set of hobbies and dedication to the community. Most likely we’ll have 20 plus members and guests present. Some attending may be Rotarians from off-island.

Please complete the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Mahalo for considering speaking to our Club!

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